Client Reviews

Very glad I had Chris as my attorney!

Chris corrected mistakes that were made by my previous attorney, he is very knowledgeable. Chris got me to a MSA as I went through a very difficult divorce and we did not have to have a Master complete our settlement. Chris was very willing to meet with me at my convenience. Chris Stachtiaris is a great lawyer!

- anonymous

An Outstanding Professional With A Commitment to Excellence!

Chris has represented my interests in the most professional way. Mindful of the emotional stress of a separation and pending divorce, his calm manner and firm counsel during the process has allowed us to move the proceedings forward without the distractions normally associated with a highly charged situation.

His capabilities and command of the applicable processes was evident from the initial meeting and continues to this day. The professionalism displayed while representing me can best be described by the expression "A Commitment to Excellence"

In all respects, Chris is an outstanding attorney!

- George

From the moment I met Chris he made me feel very comfortable.

I was going thru a divorce and he helped me along the way not only professionally but in a personal way too. He was very understanding since I was emotional at times. He always answered my phone calls and emails. I had nothing but a good experience with him.

- Carol

Excellent Attorney

Chris helped me tremendously through my divorce and child custody proceedings. I was well informed of all activities and received all court documents very quickly. I would hire Chris again if the need would arise in the future. I was very satisfied with his services. Thanks Chris!!!

- Tim

Smart, knowledgeable, intuitive and responsive

Chris is able to put his clients’ interests first, while also being fair to the other party. If you want a barracuda who will screw the other side without remorse, look elsewhere. He is empathetic and clever, and knows the law. He gives me a great feeling of comfort as I work my way through this extremely complex emotional/legal/financial issue.

- Bob

Knowledgeable lawyer

Chris was very helpful in helping me reach a resolution in my unique child custody case. He was very informative regarding the current laws and what would be the best avenue to go. He did take a few days to get back to me if I had a question but always did get back to me. It is understandable that a goo lawyer will be quite busy. I would recommend him.

- Anonymous

Knows the law AND understands people!

I am so thankful Chris has been my attorney throughout my divorce, during which there were times I was ready to lose it. Not only does Chris have a very thorough understanding of family law, he understands PEOPLE. He knows every situation is unique, and takes the time to understand the dynamics of the parties involved to better serve his client. He has been navigating me through this complex legal/family court system in such a way that keeps me sane. He is not a cut-throat, "screw the other side at all costs" kind of attorney. However, during the times I know I have to use the court, I wouldn’t want anyone else in there fighting for me. There is no doubt in my mind Chris can handle the most complex of divorce situations. My case is a testament to the fact that Chris knows his stuff, and can find ways to work things out, even when there seems to be no moving forward. In my opinion, he is among the best in his field.

- Julie

Excellent counsel

As an attorney myself, I know what qualities I want in an attorney representing me. Chris handled my divorce case expediently and efficiently. He was very fair on billing. He certainly demonstrated a mastery of his field of practice and got my matter resolved as soon as possible. I would most definitely recommend his services to anyone dealing with the hardship of divorce or with any other domestic related mater.

- Greg

Working with Mr. Stachtiaris

I contacted Mr. Stachtiaris about a settlement agreement I had signed ad wanted to get his input regarding any opportunities for change. He was concise and thoughtful of the time we spend discussing so that my costs would stay reasonable. He is very conscious of the emotional time one is going through and helps strive for a longer term balance as opposed to a quick "win." He not only found a way in which I could make some changes but in addition he counseled me on some strategies. Will continue to engage Mr. Stachtiaris as needed and will recommend to others.

- Jennifer

Famly Law Attorney

I used Chris on my divorce case. He was instantly available whenever I needed him and always very thorough in his answers to my questions. Qualities so important as you move through such an emotionally trying process. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough.

- Sean

Chris made an impact on me

When it came time for me to hire a lawyer I knew I had to find someone who would actually take my case seriously and really be able to help me, I have a hard case that I have been fighting for over 6 years with custody. Chris went above and beyond for me to say the least, he did not just handle me as a client he actually treated me like I was his own family, Chris is very prompt and makes himself very available for you and he is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I would recommend Chris highly, he definitely made an impact in my life because I know there’s still people who care to help others.

- Brittany